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Beautifying the Exterior & Interior of YOUR Home

There are always new ways, new things, new technologies and new products. I love discovering these products and sharing them with my clients.

Recently I discovered a new product for floors that I can't stop raving about, that has amazed everyone! ! I love it! The floor type doesn't matter, whether stone, marble, terrazzo, wood or linoleum. This product will have your floors absolutely stunning in no time. 

The product will be applied by me, no machines necessary. When I finish the four step process, not only will your floors look beautiful, they will also stay much cleaner.  The home owners won't be the only beneficiaries, your cleaners will be thanking you too. The floors have become, NO joke, 10 times easier to clean.  Saving time and money! 


Several months back I mentioned that we expanded our exterior services to include Pressure Washing. We have only done a few homes with this service and these few are happy clients!  The most recent was actually to fix what another larger company had left behind. This company had not completed the job,  leaving a deck looking drab and half done and a couple doors not even touched.  When I was finished,  the homeowner was very pleased. And so was I.  Being thorough has its advantages for all of us!  For this home,  it left her teak deck ready to be oiled and since I complete the job by using a squeegee on the windows her exterior is complete. There is nothing more aggravating than having someone clean the exterior of your home and when they leave the first thing you notice are the streaky,  cloudy windows!!! We won't do that.  With every pressure washing job we complete. .. WE complete!  Down to the windows! ! Keeping you happy!!! Another added bonus, I typically charge, on average, 40% less than the larger companies.  Simply because I want the job,  because my name  is already on the inside of the house. I would like it on the outside too! It already is since I sweep your entryway and pick trash from your front yard and dead debris gets moved from front of house,  etc. I take pride in your home,  simply because it's MY home too!


House Cleaner in St Petersburg

House Cleaning / Organizing


Maid Up is a unique housekeeping service. Specializing in residential and rental properties. We also offer complete cleaning services for new construction and business office. All facets of cleaning including but not limited to : Light, General, Detailed, Deep clean, move outs and hoarder situations. 

As needed, Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly 

Including but not limited to dusting and polishing furniture dusting fans banisters stairs baseboards Jan doors on a monthly rotation with other extras. Sanitizing all bathrooms and kitchen as needed or every visit. Vacuuming all floors with each visit and mopping those that require it each visit.  Extras  to be rotated on a weekly basis will be as stated earlier baseboards, fans, light fixtures, pictures, doors and knick knacks.  Patio/Deck should be clean as well and that will be up to the homeowners preference. I believe at least monthly, however if you use it often than should be done weekly. All of our house cleaning services recieve the same high quality and detail. 

Pet / Home Watch


Complete property, home and pet watch for your treasures.

Home : checking all electrical to make sure that it's working properly, checking all faucets and plumbing to make sure there are no leaks. Clean out the fridge; take out any foods that will spoil. Taking out trash, bringing receptacles back in cleaning them if they are dirty. Checking the mail, bringing in mail and newspapers. Bringing in and /or  securing all patio furniture and loose outdoor items. Keeping a watch inside for any bugs or pests.

Pet : Giving your furbaby  or furbabies the love, care, attention, playtime, walk/exercise that they need. Dog or cat or  caged animal... we will love them just as you would. This can be done either in your home or mine.

Vehicle  : we will make sure the vehicle is started at least once a week and turns over to ensure the battery stays charged. Upon your arrival if you would like us to spiff it up with a Quick Car Wash and fill the gas we will do that for you as well.

Our goal : under our Watch Services  when you come home you have nothing to worry about you have nothing to do and you can relax.

Assistant / Errand Runner


Let me do those tedious time consuming chores and errands. I will set appts, do the grocery shopping, drop off the dry cleaning, hit Walmart ( everyone  knows that place is always a 

zoo) post office to pick up or mail out for you,  get the car washed or take your furbaby to the vet. Whatever the task might be. ....call me. 

       Let me help your life 

             run smoother.  

House Plants / Light Gardening

Self made combo planter with spider plant, purslane, wandering jew and purple fountain grass.

Cleanliness starts with the air we breathe!  Will provide and  maintain house plants, tropical plants, and orchids. 

I stated light landscape.  That is in reference with the following;    I won't be renting back hoes, laying sprinklers or cutting down trees.  Flowering butterfly gardening  is my true passion!!!    



 Always feel free to ask!  If there's a way for me to get the job done. ...I'll do it!!!!  If I don't know how I will find a way!  I love a good challenge and a good project! 


Professioal crystal clear window washing services at a greatly reduced price

Window Cleaning & Pressure Washing

Preventative Maintenance is money in your pocket!!!

We all know Florida is "PARADISE". With that come a myriad of horrors! Saltwater, hard water and mold just to name a few. Being a home grown Florida girl, I have had years of trial and solutions!! I have a few simple tips n tricks for inside the home.  For outside it's simply maintaining by continuous removal of mold and mildew and fungus to keep it from eating away at your investment. We care and want to help you keep your ENTIRE home beautiful! 

Greatly Reduced Price

I know it's something home owners dread.  The window cleaning bill twice a year can  be atrocious! I can help with that,  we greatly reduce the cost in various ways.  Making it hurt a lot less. 

Same with pressure washing. We are looking out for you EVERY chance we get!